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Showcase 01 - Spoleto

Showcase 02 - Portugal

Vet Creativity


The overall objective of the VETCREA-project is: “Creativity is stimulated in and through VET”. The overall objective will be achieved in the project through working on and reaching for the following specific objectives:

• The awareness on “green” issues and the “green” competences of the key actors in VET have increased;

• Key actors in VET are able to think and collaborate more “out of the box”;

• The marketing competences of key actors in VET have increased.


The activities of the project are:

1. Working towards a showcase via ECO-friendly design and development;

2. Working towards a showcase via recycled design and development;

3. Working towards a showcase via recycled the recycled design and development;

4. Development of Teaching Support Materials;

5. Marketing and dissemination;

6. Management.


Foreseen project outcomes:

• 3 “Showcases” of “green” product development to be presented in 3 separate public events;

• Teaching support materials on 3 horizontal VET-topics: “Green”, Creativity and Marketing;

• Awareness raising and competence development of the project participants and indirect target groups on the 3 topics;

• Several marketing products/instruments will be developed and disseminated to spread the news on the project process and the results.

Teaching Support Materials

Showcase 01 - Italy

Showcase 02 - Portugal